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?Which pages can I analyze?
We recommend that you analyze a brand that you’re managing, as well as any other brands that you’d like to be compared against. This can help you understand what is working for all the brands competing within your industry.
?How is this different than Facebook Insights?
PostAcumen analyzes and monitors publicly available Facebook data. This data is analyzed to provide strategic insight into how to improve your strategy. Facebook Insights only allows you to analyze Pages that you are an Admin of—PostAcumen can analyze any Page you wish.
?What is a Pod?
A Pod is a group of Pages that you have paid for. Multiple pods can be created, all containing a variety of Pages to organize your comparisons. Some users make Pods based on common factors (such as industry or competitors), some users make Pods with a few pages so they can analyze more specifically.
?When will my data be ready?
Please give us 24 hours to analyze the Pages you have selected.
?I’m not seeing any data
Please contact us if you’re seeing anything strange with your data, we’ll look into it and respond within 24 hours.
?How do I cancel?
When logged in, head to My Account. Find the Page (or Pages) you’d like to cancel, click the “X” to the right of the Page name. You’ll be presented with a confirmation on the bottom, click “Confirm Changes”.