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Competitive Facebook Analytics

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Where does my brand rank in the industry?

Industry Report

Use Industry Report to compile custom industry insights.

Analyze exclusive metrics such as Estimated Reach & Clicks. Show your client/boss available opportunities.

What’s going on right now on the news feed?


Monocle monitors the news feed right now, updated every 30 sec.

What content is eating up engagement, when is the next available opportunity for your brand to post?

Which posts dominate
the news feed?

Post Visualizer

Sort all posts by a variety of metrics with Post Visualizer.

Need to know what Pepsi did on Friday afternoon or what photos they post when Asking for Engagement?

Strategy Analysis

What is a particular brand’s strategy? How consistent are they with this strategy?
Understand what type of tactics each brand is using in their Facebook marketing.


Best Photos

Visually analyze which photos are receiving the best engagement.

Best Photos

When are people engaging on Facebook?

Use Pulse to check when people are engaging with Facebook, in real-time.
Monitor all of Facebook’s American activity to see when brands and users are active.
See opportunities when brand activity is low, but user activity is high.


Side by Side

Compare metrics and strategy side by side for an easy visual analysis.
Look at baseline activity between brands to understand what metrics are dominating.

Side by Side

Page Profiles

Look over a Page’s metrics as a whole.

Page Profiles

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  • Best Photos
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  • Post Visualizer
  • Engagement Analysis
  • Estimated Reach
  • PDF Reports
  • Best/Worst Strategy
  • Post Frequency Analysis
  • Estimated Virality
  • And More!